Gainesville, Florida - A College Town May Be Your Best Place To Retire

Best places to retire - Gainesville FL
College towns for retirement living - Gainesville FL
Best places to retire in Florida - Gainesville FL

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For anyone who thinks that retiring to Florida means being relegated to a sedentary lifestyle sitting on the beach and watching the world go by, the vitality and energy that one finds in Gainesville, perhaps, comes as a big surprise. Not only is this city of 111,000 recognized as one of Florida's most livable cities; it is also one of its most exciting and clearly ranked among the best places to retire.
With the University of Florida as the focal point for an active cultural and artistic scene, Gainesville's residents find themselves with a varied and diverse schedule of live musical performances, art exhibitions and other offerings. And the beautiful rivers, lakes and cool natural springs found in the surrounding areas, together with acres of unspoiled wilderness parks found in this exquisite sub-tropical region provide ample opportunity for a multitude of outdoor recreational pursuits from canoeing, hiking and camping to bird-watching and fishing.
Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the area basks in beautiful sunshine throughout the year while the cool breezes make summer nights comfortable. Unlike more southerly areas of the State, here retirees still find enough seasonal change to give them a sense of experiencing spring and autumn.

Newcomers will find a range of housing choices, from exclusive golf course communities to traditional neighborhood developments situated in lush, scenic riverfront settings. Prices are below the median national housing costs, and compared to other major cities in Florida, the overall cost of living is very favorable. In fact, Gainesville and the affordable small towns surrounding the city provide retirees with a wide choice of selections for the best in affordable retirement communities.

These factors, " the climate, natural scenic beauty, affordability and sense of vitality", when combined with its excellent health care facilities and shopping facilities, place Gainesville among the best places to retire in our listings.

Population - 110,000
Median Home Price - $97,467
Climate: Avg. Jan. Low - 43 Avg. July High - 92

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best places to retire - Gainesville
Affordable places to retire - Gainesville FL

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