Square Books is an important part of retirement living for many retirees in Oxford  MS.
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The view from the deck of Square Books
Oxford MS

For many retirees, the presence of a great bookstore is a necessary factor in finding the best place to retire.


For some retirees, the presence of a quality book store in the community they chose for their retirement destination is just as important as the availability of affordable housing, a mild climate, excellent health care facilities or the existence of cultural and art events.  While today’s changing technology and the convenience of online merchandising makes it relatively easy for anyone to stay abreast of new best sellers and order them from the comfort of his or her computer desk, virtual shopping, for many bibliophiles, is not the same as the experience of browsing through row after row of murder mysteries, romance novels, science fiction, classic literature and other examples of the written word.

If you are one of those individuals who delights in finding a independent bookstore owner or clerk who knows the names and reading preferences of his customers and can converse authoritatively on the merits of the latest Pat Conway novel or can sympathize with you about the fact that we have enjoyed the last of Jim Leaphorn’s exploits from Tony Hillerman  or that Robert Parker’s Spencer no longer roams the streets of Boston.

And while shopping malls or strip centers in most mid-sized cities do indeed boast a representative of one of the larger national or regional book retailers, these are poor substitutes for a local and knowledgeable independent book seller who provides the degree of personal service cherished by most true book lovers.


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