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Affordable retirement living in Montana
Best places to retire - Montana

If you have an adventurous spirit and are beginning to look for the best place to retire, here's a suggestion that might surprise you...check out Montana, a spot with wide open spaces, soaring mountains and a number of picturesque, interesting and affordable small towns. 

There's no denying that, for a few months every year, it can be pretty cold, so winters can be challenging.  However, many of those relocating here find the climate more moderate and bearable than expected.  And while it may be necessary to purchase a snow blower,  many retirees are enthralled by the excitement and adventure of living in this unique environment, with four distinct and appealing seasons, surrounded by so much natural beauty.   Further, it doesn't take one very long to become totally taken with the infectious spirit of these friendly and hospitable people.

Retirement communities for active adults - Indians Springs MT

Everywhere you look in Montana, a transformation is taking place in the varied and panoramic landscape of this intriguing area.  While thousands of acres are still roamed by herds of deer and elk, and grizzlies still prowl along trout-filled rivers, many of the expansive cattle ranches and spectacular mountain peaks of the Rockies are evolving into a series of luxury residential golf course communities and ski resorts.  

And small towns with Victorian storefronts and saloons that were once frequented by cowboys and miners are now sprinkled with coffee bars, upscale restaurants, antique shops and bookstores, all of which are attracting a flood of recent retirees drawn to these affordable small towns and by the lure of being able to live and retire in the mountains.


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Best places to retire in Montana - Bozeman


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best places to retire in the mountains - Montana

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Best places to retire in the mountains - Montana

Indian Springs Ranch, Eureka
This rural, mountain golfing community is proud to offer active adults large lots at reasonable prices and state of the art utilities in a unique facility designed to preserve the physical integrity of the surrounding grasslands and foothills. Homes are located in a manner staggered to maximize views of the spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery.

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