Suggested Places To Live For Veterans And Military Retirees

Many veterans, when beginning to plan for their retirement from the service, place a great deal of thought into selecting a location that allows them access to the medical and benefits granted to them as a result of their military careers. For some, paramount among these considerations is the proximity to military bases and veterans hospitals and medical centers.

Two lists have recently been published designating cities that some experts believe to the best places to live for veterans. The rankings are a resource to help military retirees find locales offering a high quality of life while making the most of military retiree benefits

River near Carlisle PA
Carlisle PA
Oklahoma City OK
Oklahoma City
Madison WI named one of best places to retire for veterans
Madison WI
One of best places to retire for military retirees
San Angelo TX

Four cities were included on both lists, specifically Kenner, LA, Madison WI, Carlisle PA and San Angelo TX. While these lists may be of some assistance in finding the best place to retire for some, our editorial staff does not necessarily agree that these are the best choices for everyone. In fact, we would actually question whether some of those cited on these two lists are actually desirable retirement destinations.

Also, according to a  new study commissioned by USAA and Military.com and released in November, 2011, Oklahoma City is the best place in the nation for military retirees to launch their post-service careers.  The "Best Places for Military Retirement: Second Careers" list pinpoints U.S. metro areas that are more likely to offer employment opportunities for military retirees, while still maximizing military benefits and providing a high quality of life. Here's the complete top 10 cities on this list:

1. Oklahoma City, Okla.
2. Norfolk, Va.
3. Richmond, Va.
4. Austin, Texas
5. San Antonio
6. Madison, Wis.
7. Philadelphia
8. Raleigh, N.C.
9. Omaha, Neb.
10. Manchester, N.H

Further, there are several other cities that, in our opinion, are attractive places to retire for veterans and should not be overlooked. Notably, we think that several small towns in Middle Tennessee near Nashville, including Clarksville, Gallatin and Dickson, are very accessible to the nearby VA Medical Center in Nashville, as well being relatively close to the large Army base at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. And of course, the extensive military presence in Washington, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, along with numerous VA facilities make those states popular retirement choices for many military families.

Here is the list of top ten cities for veterans prepared by Livability.com as well as a list from USAA with its selection of the best cities for military retirement.


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